Friday, 30 November 2007

Mourinho gaining fan support

Our current poll is gaining quite a bit of interest with the early front runner being ex-Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho. It seems that to our voters, the special one's style is unquestionable.

It also appears that a sizeable chunk of England football followers are backing Mourinho for his footballing credentials too. The website has been set up in the hope of getting 100,000 names on a petition to present to the FA in a bid to show their support of Jose.

We will keep our eye out for . Until then, keep voting for the boss you think deserves the tie!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Who will look best sporting the navy blue tie that goes with the esteemed England manager's job?

Wakefield, UK (November 28, 2007) -

The hunt for a new England manager is well and truly on, and whilst everyone has an opinion on who should get the nod, specialist tie retailer wants your vote on who would most look the part.

The national football boss traditionally wears a navy blue tie when on duty and with the modern coach's appearance on the touchline coming under as much scrutiny as their tactical nouse, then perhaps the man deemed to have the most style should get the post.'s Andrew Bragg said: "It is argued by many nowadays that a manager's sheer charisma and presence on the touchline plays a large part in a team's success. Their clothing choice plays a big part in this.

We expect the ever-stylish Jose Mourinho to be a front runner in our poll, but it will be interesting to see who football fans think will look most at home in that famous navy blue tie."

The candidates named are:
  • Jose Mourinho
  • Fabio Capello
  • Harry Redknapp
  • Martin O'Neill
  • Alan Shearer
  • Jeff Stelling

Cast your vote at:

McLeish loses the honour of the tie

It was surprising today to learn Alex McLeish had resigned from his post as Scotland international football manager, seemingly to join Birmingham City. Not because he has chosen to leave his home nation's top footballing post to take part in a Premier League relegation dogfight.

No, the reason we were shocked to see McLeish quit the international scene was that he will now no longer be able to wear his rather fetching Scotland tie (as seen in the picture). How he can leave this tie behind is anyone's guess.

Former Leeds United and Liverpool midfielder Gary McAllister is favourite to be the next wearer of the magnificent tie. A tie similar is available here. - For every time you need a tie.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

What sort of ties do pigs wear?

Pig stys.

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Necktie Paradox

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The necktie paradox is a puzzle or paradox within the subjectivistic interpretation of probability theory. It is a variation of the two envelope paradox.

Two men are each given a necktie by their wives as a Christmas present. Over drinks they start arguing over who has the more expensive necktie. They agree to have a wager over it. They will consult their wives and find out which necktie is the more expensive. The terms of the bet are that the man with the more expensive necktie has to give it to the other as a consolation prize.

The first man considers this: The probability of me winning or losing is 50:50. If I lose, then I lose the value of my necktie. If I win, then I win more than the value of my necktie. In other words, I can bet x and have a 50% chance of winning more than x. Therefore it is definitely in my interest to make the wager. The second man can consider the wager in exactly the same way; therefore, paradoxically, it is in both men's interest to wager their neckties.

Moral of the story? Buy the best quality tie for the cheapest price you can... we know a place!

Friday, 23 November 2007

McClaren loses tie after England dismissal

Steve McClaren yesterday, as expected, lost his job as England football manager. It is not our place to go into the rights and wrongs of this decision. One thing we did notice though (as we only we would) is the lack of a tie around McClaren's neck as he addressed the press following his dismissal.

What we find interesting about this is that throughout his tenure as England boss, McClaren always found it appropriate to wear a tie when addressing the media, watching games or attending functions. As soon as he is out of the esteemed post, he dons an open-neck shirt.

Concrete evidence, if ever you needed it, that the necktie is a symbol of power and prestige. McClaren may want to have an instant rethink and we would remind him of the old adage to 'dress for the job you want, not the job you have.'

A slide show featuring some of Steve McClaren's ties worn during his time as England manager can be seen here

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Beckham to help England tie game?

David Beckham is about to come on as substitute for England as they trail 2-0 to Croatia in the crucial Euro 2008 qualifier.

Let's hope Beckham can help tie (That's American for draw) the game up, so England get to Euro 2008.

If they qualify why not celebrate by buying an England tie... currently £7.49 in our half price sale.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Want to look like American Gangster star Denzel Washington?

Well, OK we can't help out too much, but if you want to look like Washington in his portrayal of Frank Lucas in blockbuster movie American Gangster, we recommend wearing a tie for a start-off.

We reckon Lucas would have worn designer brands and dark colours, so what about this one from Gieves & Hawkes

As for the film, you can read a review of it here

Friday, 16 November 2007

Terry Wogan Chooses Conservative Tie for Children In Need

Veteran anchorman Terry Wogan was always going to wear a tie to present Children in Need. A man of his experience and class would do nothing else.

However, we did wonder if he would opt for something a bit more outrageous for the show than the conservative navy blue offering he has served up. It is a smart tie to be fair, but perhaps something like this would have been a bit more eye-catching.

You can donate to Children in Need here

Northern Rock chief resigns

Northern Rock chief executive Adam Applegarth today resigned from the troubled bank.

Many investors in Northern Rock shares are sitting on huge losses as a result of the company's troubles.

This picture shows that despite Applegarth's reputation taking a battering he has still managed to keep up a smart image with this fetching tie and combination.

For anyone wanting to replicate this look, we can recommend this tie by Charles Hill in our new designer range.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007 The number 1 Fashion Site In The World! Proof!

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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Don't like skinny ties? Blame Lee Bowyer!

The day ties went size zero

From the catwalk to the red carpet to Wall Street, ties are getting ever narrower. Kipper-lover Simon Mills does not approve...

"Some would blame Hedi Slimane for the return of skinny ties. Me, I blame Lee Bowyer."

Full article by Guardian columnist Simon Mills can be read here

What is your opinion? Are skinny ties cool? Or do you prefer the sophistication of the regular business width ties? Let us know in the comments box!

Monday, 12 November 2007

City teachers to sport stylish clothes in Esquire spread

Who says teaching isn't glamorous?

Eight city public schoolteachers sporting designer duds grace a photo spread in Esquire magazine's upcoming "Best & Brightest" issue.

The young men were selected for the eight-page feature after Esquire asked every principal in the city to nominate a rising star from their school.

The distinction came as a shock to the teachers, who generally aren't outfitted Ralph Lauren ties.

Full story on have recently launched their designer ties section. The sophisticated ties are priced at £40. Brands include Gieves & Hawkes, Ralph Lauren and Charles Hill.

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Saturday, 10 November 2007

Louis' and Sean's Ties are Same Difference on X-Factor

Same Difference may not be a favourite of Louis Walsh on X-Factor, but one thing they do agree on is the wearing of a smart black tie.

On tonight's show Walsh, 55 wore a regular width black silk tie with black shirt, whilst Sean Smith, 21 of brother/sister act, Same Difference wore a skinny black tie as part of his fashionable look. The duo performed their version of Scissor Sisters' hit 'I Don't Feel Like Dancin''

Host Dermot O' Leary completed the tie-wearing on tonight's show with a slim tie of his own.

Ties similar to those worn on the show can be seen here:

Louis Walsh Tie
Sean Smith Tie
Dermot O'Leary Tie

And Roy Keane...

didn't wear his tie today. Tut-tut.

Sunderland and Newcastle United shared the spoils in Premier League early afternoon clash.

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Jeff Stelling Wears Red Tie For FA Cup Weekend

Gilette Soccer Saturday anchorman Jeff Stelling chose to wear a plain red silk tie to host the show today.

Only one Premier League encounter kicked off at 3pm, but it is FA Cup 1st Round day and Stelling opted for seasonal red as his tie colour for the occasion.

Plain red ties are always a popular Christmas gift as gift buyers want to give a present in the festive spirit, without opting for a novelty tie.

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Wayne Rooney To Miss Croatia Tie

Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney is set to miss four weeks of action thanks to an ankle injury sustained in training on Friday. Bad news all round. Well maybe not quite so bad for Blackburn Rovers and Croatia, who now don't have to face the Liverpool-born youngster in their respective upcoming clashes.

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. The question is whether Wayne will turn up for the Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers Premier League contest on Sunday. And if so, will he wear his tie whilst watching from the stands. One thing's for sure, his manager will be. Alex Ferguson, the Premier League's most successful and long-serving manager wears a tie whenever his side are in action.

Go on Wayne, be a good lad and follow your mentor's lead.

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