Saturday, 13 September 2008

X-Factor - 'Piano Tie Tony' Is Back

X-Factor fanatics may remember 2005 auditionee, Anthony Little. Name doesn't ring a bell? Well, he was more famously known as 'Piano Tie Tony' due to his choice of neckwear for the ITV show audition.

'Piano Tie Tony' wore a rather distinctive white jacket and piano tie on the show in 2005. This didn't help him get through to the next round though, resulting in an argument between Anthony and judge Simon Cowell. Little told the music mogul, “(he) had made the wrong decision and that he should change his mind”, to no avail.

Imagine Cowell's shock when Anthony walked through the X-Factor audition doors again this year... again wearing the piano tie! Little did take the tie off before he performed this time round, but again did not make it past the first stage.

You can read the full story here.

Now that 'Piano Tie Tony' has become simply 'Tony', if you like his tie, then maybe you could offer to buy it from him.

Alternatively, we have ties very much like the one he wore... Ties Planet Tie like 'Piano Tie Tony's'