Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Lagerbäck Tops Euro 2008 Tie Competition

Euro 2008 is now well underway, each team having played their first game of the tournament. Spain, Portugal and Holland have all impressed in the early exchanges, but as ever of course we have been more interested in the neckwear on show at the tournament.
We are pleased to see that the majority of head coaches have chosen to wear ties for their respective team's opening games. Of particular interest was Sweden boss, Lars Lagerback's decision to wear a skinny tie for his sides 2-0 victory over reigning champions, Greece.

The trend of the last couple of season's has been for young fashionistas to wear thin 4-5cm width ties. Lagerback though has shown that the skinny tie is not just the accessory of choice for the hip, young things, but for shall we say more mature gentlemen too?

Lagerback, Sweden's manager since 2000, is fast approaching his 60th birthday, but still knows how to look pretty damn cool!

Below we rate each manager's tie of choice for their nation's first Euro 2008 game:

Group A

Karel Brückner (Czech Republic) - 7/10 - The Czech boss chose to wear a plain ribbed grey tie. Simple, effective and nothing too extravagant. Pretty much like his side.

Luiz Felipe Scolari (Portugal) - 0/10 - Scolari spoilt a fine display by his men, by choosing to wear a rather shabby looking tracksuit instead of wearing his suit and tie.

Jakob Kuhn (Switzerland) - 8/10 - Kuhn wore his country's colours, with a red and white striped tie. A classic blade width, classic design and classic colours.

Fatih Terim (Turkey) - 0/10 - Another tracksuit manager. Poor decision. Perhaps he'll put his lucky tie on for their second game?

Group B

Josef Hickersberger (Austria) -8/10 - A striking silk tie worn by the Austrian boss. A light blue and dark blue squared design.

Slaven Bilic (Croatia) - 8/10 - A plain darkish red tie worn by Bilic. A plain bold colour goes a long way.

Joachim Löw (Germany) -1/10 - No tie again! Tut tut, but one mark given as at least he wore a collared shirt, that a tie could easily be popped on.

Leo Beenhakker (Poland) - 9/10 - A plain bold red tie. Very simple, but a beautiful tie knotted to perfection by the experienced boss.

Group C

Raymond Domenech (France) - 7/10 - A nice tie, but we're not sure Domenech quite carried it off. The narrow navy tie with French cockerel will probably suit Thierry Henry better!

Roberto Donadoni (Italy) - 9/10 - A classy black tie worn by Donadoni. Did we expect any less from an Italian?

Marco Van Basten (Netherlands) - 0/10 - A shame that the Dutch legend didn't wear a tie as he has been seen lately in a very nice bright orange tie.

Victor Piţurcă (Romania) - 0/10 - We're unlikely to see Victor in a tie for his side's matches any time soon.

Group D

Otto Rehhagel (Greece) - 0/10 - We think Otto would suit a nice wide tie, but he chose to wear a polo shirt. Shame.

Guus Hiddink (Russia) - 8/10 - A very nice black and white striped tie worn by the Dutchman.

Luis Aragonés (Spain) - 0/10 - Aragones didn't wear a tie, but as he wore a coat for the summer tournament, we're not sure anyone wants to be looking to the Spain boss for fashion tips anyway.

Lars Lagerbäck (Sweden) - 10/10 - What a decision by the Swede. Wore a tartan pattern skinny tie. Totally unexpected, but Lars did look the part in the fashionable tie.

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