Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tie-less Paxman Ridiculed

Today's press has attacked the BBC's Jeremy Paxman for not wearing a tie. This article in the Daily Mail was particularly scathing:

The Daily Mail even goes as far as saying that Paxman has 'lost his dignity' by revealing his 'old-lizard neck'. It says that he is at least 8 years late to the 'no-ties party' which has seen presenters move slowly towards the Jimmy Savile shell suit look.

Of course, the release of Skyfall, the latest Bond film, has reignited debate over the wearing of ties. At Ties Planet we have always maintained that a tie or other neckwear is essential when trying to look your best and it appears that current trendsetters agree with us. The 'no-ties party' is no longer the place to be, not that we were ever on the guest list anyway!

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