Saturday, 16 July 2011

Ties a Must for Edmonton Trend-Setters

The Edmonton Journal has run a feature story on the soaring popularity of ties amongst the fashion elite. Style icon Conor Pilz was spotted with his tie tucked into his shirt at an FC Edmonton football match. He describes this as a 'military tuck'!

The article also quotes two other tie-tuckers:

Alec Heffernan of Henry Singer is quoted as saying:

"There aren’t many days that I’ll wear it that way the entire day, but if we ever go out to eat it’s pretty common to tuck it in because it’s practical. You won’t be dropping your tie into your soup."

"If you’re doing some cleaning, or you’re eating, you tuck in your tie so it doesn’t get dirty," Phil Mottershead, a sales associate with Val Berg’s menswear, adds.

The article goes on to note that "ties are everywhere these days".

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