Friday, 30 January 2009

What Should I Wear To My Job Interview?

A common age-old question. And it is true, first impressions count for a great deal in job interviews. A vital part of that being your choice of attire. You should always dress up a notch whether you will be wearing smart clothes in the prospective job or not.

Alongside your new clean shirt and best dark suit comes your choice of tie. And yes a tie is vital for a job interview. Think about it. Two equally qualified people turn up. Each perform well in interview. One wears tie, one doesn't, who gets the job?

Here are the Ties Planet tips on what tie to wear:

  • No novelty ties - Themed ties may be a fun Christmas gift, but they are not appropriate for job interview. By all means let your prospective employer know your interests in your CV, but don't emblazon it across yourself on the day of the interview.

  • Choose primary colours - Yellow, red or blue are the way forward. You want the interviewer to notice you have taken the effort to wear a tie, but you don't want your neckwear to be the most recollected thing about you. So don't wear anything too loud like oranges or neon greens. By the same token a black or white tie will not leave any impression whatsoever. In fact, black might leave them thinking that you were that bit too serious about the job.

  • Plain/Striped - Plain or striped ties are best. A plain red or blue tie will pretty much complement any shirt. Striped ties will work well with plain shirts, but not with striped or checked shirts.

  • Skinny ties for women - For an ultra-smart look, women can wear a plain skinny tie with their best suit and blouse. Worn loosely or tied to the collar, a skinny tie will look great on a lady in interview.

Follow these simple tips and make sure you prepare for the interview and that dream job will be yours in no time!

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