Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Premier League Bosses to Show Respect by Wearing Tie?

Respect has been the talk of the football world this week as the Premier League prepares for the take-off of the 2008-09 season. A new Premier League Initiative, dubbed "Get on with the Game" has been agreed between the twenty clubs, focusing on a greater need for more respect between players, referees, managers and fans.

The key feature of the initiative is the plan for less abuse of referees by players, and for any objections to go through the captain.

At Ties Planet we would like to see managers show their respect for the game by wearing their tie for every game. OK, we have a vested interest, but it can only help can't it?

It will be of interest to see how many managers do wear their tie for the first round of fixtures this weekend. We'd love to see 15 of the 20 managers sporting their club's colours around their neck. We shall see.

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