Friday, 7 September 2007

How To Tie A Tie - 35 Related Webpages

1. - Step-by-step guide (with diagrams) to tying a Windsor Knot

2. - Step-by-step guide (with diagrams) to tying a Half-Windsor Knot

3. - Step-by-step guide (with diagrams) to tying a Four in Hand Knot

4. - Step-by-step guide (with diagrams) to tying a Pratt Knot

5. - Simple step-by-step guides on how-to-tie-a-tie as well as bow ties.

6. - These step-by-step guides feature the new Shelby Knot

7. - Easy instuctions on tying a Four-In-Hand Knot in your tie

8. - Plenty of tie knot information for our Portuguese-speaking readers.

9. - A tie you might be able to make in an emergency!

10. - Cambridge physicists Thomas Fink and Yong Mao demonstrate their research on the Theory of Tie Knots

11. - You've got the knot, what about the dimple?

12. - Video advice on how to tie a Full Windsor Knot

13. - Video instructions on how to tie a half Windsor Knot

14. - Simple knot video and text instructions

19. - St Andrew tie knot

20. - Plattsburgh tie knot

22. - Grantchester tie knot

25. - The Cross Knot - recommended for Thin ties.
26. - The Small Knot - very easy to tie.

27. - The Double-Simple Knot - Quick, easy to tie and similar to the Four-In-Hand

28. - Page of how-to-tie-a-tie diagrams including the more unusual Atlantic, Italian and Turkish tie knots

29. - Page of how-to-tie-a-tie diagrams of more modern tie knots including Persian and Oasis.

30. - Which knot is right for your body shape?

31. - Great photographic explanation of the Prince Albert Knot.

32. - Perfect tie every time with the 'Egyptian magician knot'

34. - Remember to untie your tie properly also!

35. - Page on the great tie website that is!

Remember, you'll need ties to perform these knots on... why not try!


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